How Fair Tide Works

Fair Tide offers individualized support and community programs to guide participants in their move toward self-sufficiency.

Participants collaborate with the Fair Tide social worker in required weekly meetings to work on mutually determined goals related to the following skill areas:

  • Financial stability
  • Career-oriented employment
  • Personal and family management skills
  • Personal responsibility
  • Self, family, home, and community care
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Accessing community resources

Fair Tide’s Program Director facilitates monthly Community Meetings, providing participants with the opportunity to discuss resident issues, and celebrate transitions. Resident attendance at these meetings is mandatory.

Life Enrichment Workshops are presented several times a year to all participants to enhance self-sufficiency. Often, members of the community facilitate these sessions. Workshops may include nutrition, gardening, personal finances, and stress or time management. These workshops are also mandatory.

Fair Tide participants are required to assist in upkeep and care for the environment at the Wentworth Street house. Whether mowing the lawn, keeping the foyer clean, or raking leaves, a sense of pride, community and self-worth is built through this care of community grounds.

All program participants are required to volunteer two hours per month in a community setting of their choice. Volunteerism can meet an abundance of personal goals and needs while providing participants with the opportunity to give back to the community that supports Fair Tide.