Housing Program

Fair Tide’s transitional housing program provides homeless individuals and families with safe, affordable housing for up to 2 years paired with support services focusing on health and financial stability sufficient to obtain and maintain permanent housing.


Support Services

Fair Tide offers the following comprehensive support services to program participants.

  • Private Apartments
  • Case Management designed to support resident efforts to gain and maintain stable and adequate income and to improve safety and management skills.
  • Monthly Resident Association Meetings facilitated by staff to foster a sense of community and peer support.
  • Community Collaborations to provide life enrichment programming, including workshops on safety, budgeting, and nutrition.
  • Transportation to community resources as needed.


Fair Tide serves 10-15 individuals (adults and children) at any one time. Referrals come from emergency shelters and social service agencies around York County, ME and Rockingham and Strafford Counties in NH.

Participants are low-income, at or below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level ($20,420 for a family of three). Participants may be single individuals or single parent-households headed by a female or male. Most participants experience difficulties stemming from domestic violence, substance abuse, and/or physical or mental illness which contributes to the household’s homeless status.  While most adult participants have a high school diploma or a GED, some have completed a certificate program or have credits toward a college degree which has been interrupted due to the roadblocks mentioned above.  A vast majority of our residents are working, yet are under-employed and/or not earning nearly enough to afford market-rate rent.


Fair Tide provides 2-year transitional housing with support services to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, keeping people safe while they work to be self-sufficient. The Fair Tide program consists of comprehensive, targeted support services, referrals to community agencies, and advocacy with a focus on health and financial fitness in order to obtain and maintain permanent housing.

In 2005, Fair Tide opened a thrift store to raise revenue for program funding. The Fair Tide thrift store generated 56% of total income in fiscal year 2017. The Fair Tide thrift store is a resource to our residents and to community individuals in need of clothing and house wares. We offer work skills opportunities and accept donations of usable goods and clothing.

Program Rationale

Homelessness reflects many realities, including unemployment or under-employment coupled with rising housing costs. Considering the tremendous increase in the cost of housing locally, the Fair Tide transitional housing program is an essential part of the community’s efforts to bridge the housing gap for low income households.

Housing options for low wage-earning households are dire. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC), “Nationally, for every 100 low wage-earning households, there are 31 affordable housing units available”.

The Fair Tide transitional housing program has, since 2003, been a vital link in a continuum of services in place for low income homeless households on the Seacoast. While living at Fair Tide, residents gain the necessary resources and skills to maintain financial stability and independence, enabling them to afford market rents post program. Residents in the Fair Tide program work toward achievable goals: finding a job and keeping it, paying off debts and improving one’s credit, finishing a college degree, taking care of mental and physical health needs, and raising healthy, confident children. Fair Tide considers the aforementioned goals vital components for housing retention.

Emergency Help for the Homeless

  • Coordinated Entry | (603) 435-2500 ext.8143

Domestic Violence Support

  • Caring Unlimited | York County, Maine, 24-hour hotline: 1(800) 239-7298
  • Haven | Seacoast New Hampshire, 24-hour hotline: 1-603-994-7233