Thrift Store Donations

Thrift Store Donations

First, we would like to extend a big THANK YOU for even considering making a donation to our The Fair Tide Thrift Store, which operates entirely on the generosity of its donors.

Our goal this year is to increase the number of “Good Donations”. While we try to reuse and recycle all of our donations, some items are just not suitable for the store. In fact, the cost of handling, storing and removing items that are not sellable actually has a negative impact on our profits. So what is a Good Donation?

Good Donations

When you are donating something, ask yourself if you would be proud giving this to someone you know well. If it is gently used, in working condition, not broken or cracked, stained or worn out, then chances are it is a Good Donation. While we understand that sometimes things go from the dresser or the closet to the bag and then to us, we just ask that items be free of dirt and free from strong odors.

We generally accept:

  • clothing & accessories,
  • household items
  • shoes
  • collectibles
  • household appliances
  • seasonal decorations
  • books
  • wall art
  • DVDs
  • video tapes
  • records
  • games
  • sporting goods
  • furniture
  • blankets
  • sheets and pillows

At our discretion, we accept electronics and toys.

As a general rule, we cannot accept the following:

  • mattresses
  • box springs
  • computers and monitors
  • TVs
  • building materials
  • large appliances
  • flammable liquids
  • humidifiers, dehumidifiers
  • large stereo speakers
  • metal desks
  • air conditioners
  • exercise equipment
  • anything that has been recalled or deemed hazardous by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Reasons to Donate

There are almost as many great reasons to donate as there are actual items, but here are perhaps some of the best reason for you to donate!

It helps you clean out the clutter in your life.

It helps us promote our mission because your repurposing becomes someone else’s treasure.

It’s GREEN and keeps things out of the landfill that still have a lot of life left to them.

The profits from the sale of the donations goes right to our program.

It is a great tax deduction for you.

We accept donations Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10-5 and have a 3 bag – 3 box limit. However, if you have more, just call ahead so we can make arrangements. Thanks for your donations!