One Warm Night

Why Support Fairtide?

One Warm Night

Did you know Fair Tide houses at least twelve individuals, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

That equals 4,380 warm nights every year, which is why Fair Tide recently launched the “One Warm Night” campaign and ask you to join this community effort to end homelessness.

For only $31, you can be a “One Warm Night” sponsor and provide a safe, warm bed for a child or adult in your (our) community for one night. YOU and Fair Tide . . . making dreams a reality. Only by working together can we ensure the families we serve continue to have a home as they work to develop the skills they need to become self-sufficient members of our community.

What Fair Tide believes

Fair Tide believes when our fellow community members are ill, unemployed, or homeless, we all suffer. Our residents are motivated, hard-working people who for a variety of reasons became homeless over an extended period of time. We help them understand these reasons and work to correct them so they can locate and remain in housing on their own.

Fair Tide’s “One Warm Night” campaign directly funds our program and contributes to positive, sustainable outcomes for Fair Tide residents.

Affecting positive change

Eighty percent of former Fair Tide residents have gained the skills necessary to live independently and continue to maintain permanent housing today! With our One Warm Night campaign, it’s easy to directly investing in the infrastructure of our community by supporting someone within the Fair Tide program.

You can help create a stronger community and affect positive, sustainable change. Donate now and help contribute to a home in a meaningful, tangible way.